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November 14, 2006

Reviewing ‘Against the Day’

Filed under: Essays,General — basileios @ 8:23 am

Most of the reviews of Against the Day that have appeared so far have centerted on two things i) the plot and characters and ii) Pynchon’s character. Apart from the fact that this signifies for me the fact that this is a difficult book that was read by ‘men in a hurry’ I must say that I find it mostly mediocre in essence to write a book review and focus on the plot and the author. A book review – for me at least – should reflect the general book experience and the possible main ideas that evaporate through the pages of the book. Ok, sure, this is rarely done, but a book like Pynchon’s ‘Against the Day’ one would expect something better than the ones that have already appeared.

On a second level and a second approach including spoilers in a book review at the moment when the book hasn’t even appeared lies very closely to the seven deadly sins. Ok, no Pynchon fan would even dream of reading a Pynchon book just for the plot (thats close to reading the Gospel just for the story) but this is definitely ‘jumping the shark’ on their part.

As for the book reviews that are copied here, make sure you scan through them and don’t go through all the details before you read the book.


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