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December 2, 2006

“The thing”

Filed under: Notes — basileios @ 3:09 pm

Do you remember the old rumor that Pynchon was not actually one person but ‘a collection’ of writers – mostly magical realists – and one editor? If the rumor has still any ground then the text in pages 138-155 must have been written by Stephen King. In parts it reminds me if ‘The thing’, of ‘It’, of the monsters ‘slide show’ appearing in Vineland and with the Adenoid story from Gravity’s Rainbow.



  1. Particularly an appropriate observation when you consider the dovetail the narrative takes around page 138, with a narrative simultaneously evoking the less-than-subtle terrors of H.P. Lovecraft (I’m thinking ‘At the Mountains of Madness’, here: ), the short story ‘Who Goes There’ ( ) and its filmic offspring, ‘The Thing From Another World’ & its strangely faithful sibling, ‘The Thing’.

    Comment by Navan Ghee — December 3, 2006 @ 8:40 pm | Reply

  2. thats exactly why I mentioned the textual ‘explosion’ in the previous post.

    Comment by Basileios — December 3, 2006 @ 8:44 pm | Reply

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