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December 13, 2006

A Birth of an Industry

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Against the Day is about change. I have mentioned this more than it is possible to digest, but I think I must repeat it in order to understand some of the aspects of the book better.

Light, for example as I mentioned before was the key element in the change of science at the time. What I forgot to mention is that light in the minds of pre Maxwell/Einstein scientists was more or less an ordinary physical object no different than sound or the sea waves. Maxwell and Einstein change the light status to that of a king, the element, the parameter which governs the full set of the physical effects in the universe.

But light in the common mind is also associated with film and as films tend to play a role in Pynchon films I was somehow expecting the birth of the film industry to make an entry in the book. Indeed this happens in pages 431 and 451.


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