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December 13, 2006


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“Rotate something through space-time so it assumes all positions relative to the one way vector ‘time'”
“There you go.”
“Wonder what you’d get.”

page 457

This is so similar in essence to the thought experiments of Einstein which basically gave birth to the theory of relativity. Of course rotation has more to do with the general relativity theory but still…


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  1. Merle Rideout seems to be the one who is commenting
    the scientific ideas of the different chapters:

    In “Light (!) over the ranges” there is the aetherdiscussion
    he participates in. Its about light having no medium
    except for space, technically there is no central carrier, and indeed the first chapter offers no single clue or central theme
    where this will all lead us to, the stories evolving like unpolarized light in space…but still going off on their single linear vectors….

    In Iceland Spar Merle shows the silver/gold/argentaurum trick
    to Reef and lets him see through Iceland Spar. The reader experiences all these slight deviations,the “double refractions from the linear vectors” and the preparations to the consequences of …

    Bilocations … which somehow seems to deal with the
    “topsy-turvy Tourbillon effect” of narration.
    To avoid the single pull of the time-vector everything has to be balanced out in space-time somehow.
    Minkowksi gives a hint to Merle and Roswell
    that the speed of Light may equate the square-root of minus one 🙂 Here we are at Minkowski Space.
    Bilocations can occur if one can overcome the clocklike narrativity of a movie-projector
    Like Thorvald – the ever-recurring – Twister the stories and characters are in rotation and eternal recurrence …
    what a vortex boy!

    i wonder what all this will single up to in the “against the day” chapter….


    Comment by Martin — December 21, 2006 @ 10:58 am | Reply

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