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December 20, 2006

Which book is that after all?

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“Through God’s blind mercy, as he told it to _______ a few days later, on their way over to T______’s studio in C________, after escapes from destruction and war in places he could no longer remember clearly, he had found asylum in V____, only to happen one day upon visions of T_____’s and recognize the futuristic vehicle which had born him to safety from the devastated City so long ago, and the subterranean counter-City it took him through, and the chill, comfortless faith in science and rationality that had kept all his fellow refugees then so steady in their flight, and his own desolate certainty of having failed his remit, one of those mascottes who had brought only bad luck to those who trusted him, destined to end up in cheap rooms down at the ends of suburban streets, eventually indifferent to their own fates, legends of balefulness, banned from accompanying all but the most disreputable and suicidal of voyagers. But lately …. he was beginning to feel less comfortable as one of the lost”

page 585

I removed the names of this passage intentionally. If I saw this out of context I wouldnt be able to place it in time or inside his novels. It could equally well be part of V., of Gravity’s Rainbow and Mason & Dixon.


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