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January 16, 2007


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As you can see I am in the last 300 pages. The feeling is of an utmost sadness. This is not a book I want to finish. I wish there is more of it that I haven’t read yet, I wish someone could add pages at the end in the same rate as I am reading. Pynchon has done it again. With Gravity’s Rainbow it managed to spoil in many points the reading experience of other authors. Against the Day has worked on similar ways to remind me that there is only one Pynchon.

The stories are imploding, sex is abundant (everyone is fucking), but this is not the mindless pleasure experienced by the lusty dramatis personae of Gravity’s Rainbow. This is sex in a way that completes the relationship between the characters.



  1. Finished ATD this past weekend: I commiserate with your feelings of sadness about the approaching end. I was going to say that a little before where you are, the book just seemed to settle into this incredible groove, pieces neatly sliding into place, and just this incredibly warm sense of humanity radiating. Of course, it’s probably much more accurate to say that I finally slipped into my own groove with the book.

    I have loved Gravity’s Rainbow for years, read it at least 5 times (though it has a been a while since the last), and came to think that no book would ever knock me over like it did. Still, there was an enduring sense of coldness (gross oversimplification!), wonderful brilliance notwithstanding. ATD is not a cold book in the least, and just as brilliant. I think it stands grandly right beside GR, but I’m sorry, schlep that I am, I think Ms. Jackson and their baby Jackson (baby – ha! – teen baby by now), have everything to do with the warmth that permeates ATD. What a wonderful winter gift this was to all of us (summer gift to those in the southern spheres).

    Peace to you and your ATD endeavors.

    Comment by paschal — January 19, 2007 @ 1:35 am | Reply

  2. we are in 100% agreement here… (and I was about to write about a passage which methinks he wouldn’t be able to write without the baby…)

    Comment by basileios — January 19, 2007 @ 6:03 am | Reply

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