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February 22, 2007

What It Means To Be An American

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‘Jesse brought home an assignment from school “write an essay on What It Means To Be An American”‘

page 1076

This was a theme earlier on in the book and it comes back now with the closing. This is not surprising as Pynchon is searching in more or less all his books the essence of the American psyche. The time period in Against the Day is ideal for dealing with the birth and generation of this so I am not surprised that this is another crucial element in the whole structure of the book.


It was all political

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“Kit risked a look over at Renzo, demented even when at rest, and saw that here, approaching the speed of sound he was metamorphosed into something else… a case of posession. Kit had a velocity-given illumination then. It was all political.”

page 1071

This is one of the most beautiful sentences in the book. It is also so Gravity’s Rainbow like…

February 3, 2007

Is Start Trek there as well?

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‘in a peculiar corner of a planet that might or might not be their own’

page 1033

It just occurred to me really that there is an essence of Star Trek in the Chums of Chance which is revealing itself more and more as the book progresses. It may start as a 19th century boys adventure story but it develops into something more modern and even scifi. Star Trek is the obvious choice for influence (but probably many others as well).

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