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May 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. Pynchon

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Are you really 70 today? Can you really be the same age as my dad? I mean, I dont’t know dude, but the reclusiveness business has worked out quite oddly for me. I cannot possible picture you as anything but a guy about my age. Don’t get me wrong man, I don’t care what you look like, I don’t care where you live, I don’t care about anything but the fact that you have produced 7 volumes of works (so far) that have been with me as the closest of friends over the past 17 years when I happened to stumble upon Vineland. And boy if these weren’t full years… I travelled 30.000 km with Gravity’s Rainbow in my bag, I walked miles and miles on top of Greek mountains with V. in my rucksack, I spent endless hours on top of a mountain in Lemnos with an Fn rifle in one hand and Gravity’s Rainbow in the other. These 7 books have been so close to me as very few people – my wife and son – have. These books have been with me in happy times and in very difficult times and have been core elements that have shaped my life and personality (admittedly in not straightforward ways). These books have grown with me, have become part of me, have metamorphosed in my mind through me each offering a multiverse of possibilities about life the Universe and everything.

Six months ago you offered me a gift. Against the Day, your newborn baby was a certainly a gift that I haven’t been able to digest its full power and meaning yet. I only wish I was able to return this gift in some way as I feel that a simple ‘thank you for everything’ may not be enough.

Happy birthday friend, happy birthday Mr. Pynchon.


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