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September 19, 2007

Against the Day the English paperback

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I quite dig this cover as well, but I prefer the American.

Publication date 1 of November. And just to complicate things this one is listed as having 1234 pages… Jolly good.


September 18, 2007

‘Against the Day’ the paperback

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I just noticed through amazon that the paperback for Against the Day is nearing publication (30th of October). I am quite glad of this as I promised myself that my second reading of Against the Day will be as soon as the paperback is out. I quite dig the new cover as well.

I must say though that I was quite shocked to see that the total number of pages in the paperback is 1104, different to my 1086 pages of the first edition. I am not really thrilled about this change, but I somehow have the feeling that there is more to this than a simple re-pagination.

Stay tuned. The second reading starts soon.

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