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November 28, 2006


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References to mercury, the alchemical element for change in page 77 and passages like the one on page 55 about the changing of the baloon profession denote that the fluid changing times are the background to the whole book. The essence of change of course was also prominent in Gravity’s Rainbow and was in spirit a change science, technology, political hegemony and society. However, while in Gravity’s Rainbow the catastrophe, the revolution associated with these changes had already happened the point of view of Against the Day is in the highly complex and convoluted situation in which change hasn’t yet happened, the revolution isn’t there yet, the catastrophe has not taken place, but everything is imminent. These interesting times are much more interesting and more difficult to narrate.


November 27, 2006

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‘Later, after closing day, as autumn deepened over the corrupted praire, as the ill-famed Hawk, miles aloft, invisibly rehearsed its Arctic repertoir of swift descent, merciless assault, rapture of souls – the abandoned structures of the Fair would come to house the jobless and hungry who had always been there, even at the height of the season of miracle just concluded.’

Page 55

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