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December 13, 2006

Marcel Proust

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Coincidence or not I think I located two Proust references within 50 pages in Against the Day. The first is the idea of odor waking up memories (beeing taken a bit further here) on page 408:

“I have smelled something like this before”…”yet… not in this life. For… in the way that certain odors can instantly return us to earlier years…”

The second one in page 441 is the phrase ‘cities of the plain’, which is the title of the 4th volume of Remembrance of Things Past.

It could be a coincidence but Proust is writing Remembrance of Things Past at the time Against the Day takes place (and I do feel there are some similarities between the two works, but I can’t really put my fingers on them at the moment. I will let some professional literary critic person play with it…)


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